The Growing Demand for Flavor Infused Olive Oil

In the past, cooking was so simple, just put the raw meat in the fire and eat it after it is cooked. For the modern man, that just won't do, food now must be palatable and nutritious, cooked just right. There are so many different varieties of cooking oil, but many are shifting from using vegetable oil to olive oil.

But many today are no longer content with just cooking with plain old olive oil. Those who eat well now want their food prepared with flavor infused oil.

The making of olive oil

Machines or chemicals are used to draw out the oil. Not all olives are used, green olives and overripe olives are set aside and not included as ingredients in the making of extra virgin oil. Only those olive fruits that are perfectly ripened are ground and placed in steel drums. Mechanical presses separate the oil from the solid paste. The olive oil is then filtered to remove water and other solid impurities until all that remains is the virgin olive oil.

Infusing the oil

Flavor infused olive oil undergoes several stages of production. Like fine wine, it must be aged to extract its full flavor and achieve the required consistency. Olive oil infused with thyme, rosemary or garlic are gaining a following. Extra virgin oil is placed in a large container to purity it and prepare it for the next stage in its production. Then, fresh herbs, perhaps rosemary or garlic, are wrapped in cheese cloth and placed in the pot with the oil. Next, in a cool place, the oil will begin to absorb the flavors for all of 4 weeks. A taste test follows 4 weeks after. The process is repeated until the flavor desired is attained. Once the standard is reached, bottling and canning can be done preparing the infused olive oil for delivery to the consumers. You can visit at this website for more great tips!

Delightful new recipes

Many new recipes have come out that cater to this growing demand for deliciously flavoured new foods. An orange flavored oil ice cream is a delicious dessert that is, at the same time, a healthy food, also. Mixed with milk, egg yolks and cream, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Cakes with flavour infused oil can improve on the taste of any simple cake prepared without the infusion of that special flavour. For those who prefer a vegetable dish, season your broccoli with the usual salt and pepper, but add in some lemon infused olive oil and your main course will come out tastier. Put some garlic infused olive oil on your fish. Marinate it, adding an onion sliced and store for 10 hours. Bake the fish at high temperature for 30 minutes and you can enjoy a fine dinner.

Building its own special niche in a world where people love to eat, flavor infused olive oil brings a new taste that satisfies. Take a look at this link for more information.